Your Sugarists

Your Sweet Estheticians and Certified Sugarists

At The Sweetest Skin Co., our #1 goal is to make you feel deliciously sweet – from your head to your feet! Our team is extensively trained to warmly support and exceptionally serve every Sweetie of all genders, presentations, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Meet Owner & Nationally-recognized Sugaring Educator Angela Lark

Angela – The Sweetest Skin Co.’s “Sugar Mama” – has won numerous awards and is a leading certified sugarist in the United States. A celebrated sugaring educator, Angela is committed to spreading the sweet word about sugaring – and training her elite staff in the art and science of sugar hair removal in Santa Clarita. Angela was drawn to sugaring because, as someone with incredibly-sensitive skin, she was tired of razor burn, ingrown hairs, poor skin texture and painful waxing. Since founding The Sweetest Skin Co. over a decade ago, Angela has grown her expertise to include results-oriented facials, anal bleaching and airbrush tanning.

Meet Sugarist & Esthetician Rissah

Rissah quickly piled up 5-star reviews when she began her career at The Sweetest Skin Co. Clients love her bubbly personality, deeply-relaxing facials and quick-flick sugaring skills. Rissah is passionate about skincare and esthetics – don’t sleep on her skills! She’s exceptional at creating an at-home skincare regimen that will help you maintain your sweet sugaring and facial results.

Meet Sugarist & Esthetician Natalie

When Natalie was a teen, she experienced the worst of cystic acne. She channeled that pain, embarrassment and frustration into a successful career in esthetics, where she quickly developed a reputation for highly-effective facials. Her clients say that Natalie helps them feel their “most gorgeous” in their skin – the best compliment she could ever receive!

Meet Sugarist & Esthetician Karla

Karla is recognized as a leader in the Los Angeles skincare industry and we are so lucky to have her performing sugaring and facials in Santa Clarita! She takes her background in medical aesthetics to the natural world of The Sweetest Skin Co. to give her clients the best of both worlds. Every client loves Karla, but our Sweeties with mature skin are over the moon with the results they receive under Karla’s care.

Meet Sugarist & Esthetician Mayra

Mayra has over five years of experience in the sugaring industry, refining her skill at the nationally-known Sugaring LA studio in Los Angeles. Mayra’s calm, “chill” vibe makes everyone feel their most comfortable, especially teens and first timers who are anxious about the sugaring process. If you are craving sugar, you will love how Mayra treats you sweet!

Meet Sugarist & Esthetician Morgan

A professional dancer, Morgan will keep you on your toes, too – because after her sugaring and facial services, you’ll feel like kicking up your heels! WIth over four years experience in the skincare and sugaring community, Morgan brings flawless expertise and client care to The Sweetest Skin Co. Morgan is beloved by our Sweeties because of her warm disposition, sweet smile and obvious love of her work.

Meet Sugarist & Esthetician Reese

Ready to sink into a delicious, relaxing nap during your results-oriented facial? Reese has the magic touch – and with eight years in the industry as a specialist in acne-prone skin, a long list of grateful clients! From eyebrow shaping (She’s incredible!) to sugaring, Reese’s personal experience with PCOS has made her a client-focused, empathetic esthetician who’s deeply committed to making your life sweeter!

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