Sugar Hair Removal

We Sugar It All - From Your Head to Your Toes

and Everywhere Between, for All People, Including Teens!

Our sugar paste is like nothing you’ve experienced in hair removal before. Made of only lemon, water and sugar, it gently lifts the hair from the root for sweet, smooth skin. You’ll feel the difference from the first flick of your esthetician’s wrist! Unlike wax, our sugar paste only adheres to dead skin and hair, leaving live skin cells happy and intact. That’s why you’ll leave your service with bright and glowing smooth skin – never angry, red or irritated.

Because our sugar paste is so kind to your sweet parts, your esthetician can quickly and gently remove hair from even delicate areas like upper lip, eyebrows, areolas and your most intimate areas.

Caring Procedures


While wax users have to worry about cross contamination, you’re safe at The Sweetest Skin Co. We don’t use sticks, strips or double dips – just biodegradable gloves and sugar! Your sugar hair removal service in Santa Clarita is sweet to your skin – and the environment!

Our Sweeties – that’s what we call our clients! – regularly book sugaring hair removal for the face, brow, lip, chest, underarms, back, stomach and decollate – but we’re famous for our Brazilians and Manzilians.

Sugar hair removal is the safe, sweet choice for women, men and teens who want happy, smooth, hair-free skin without the pain and irritation of waxing.

Think our sugar can’t “work” on your thick and/or curly hair? Think again! Our clients represent all walks of life, cultures, ethnicities, genders and ages. We joyfully sugar everyone sweet! You will love your results.