Anal Bleaching

You’re going to put bleach on THAT!?

Don’t let the words “anal bleaching” scare you. Our bryght bleaching solution and products are actually incredibly gentle and natural, too. Thanks to bryght’s sweet formulation, we can treat any area of the body – even immediately after a sugaring service.



Our bryght skin lyghtening treatments can significantly reduce hyperpigmentation on the face, underarms, tush, knees, elbows, labia and yes – butthole.

The Sweetest Skin Co.’s anal bleaching and body bleaching services are quickly becoming our most in-demand treatment because of the efficacy and gentleness of the process – combined with our sweetest, most experienced estheticians who make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter our skincare boutique.

Our bryght skincare services are vegan, paraben free and woman made. Welcome to the bryght side!