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The Sweetest Skin Co. Owner and Founder Angela Lark is a nationally-recognized sugaring and skincare expert – plus a wow’ing woman in business who’s blazing new trails and making the world a sweeter place! Read her expert tips – and learn more about Angela – here!

“The Sweet Benefits of Sugar Hair Removal” in Inside SCV Magazine

If you’ve ever had a “waxident” – painful lifting of live skin cells, rash, ingrowns or angry/red skin after a waxing appointment – you might think that razors or expensive lasers were your only other options for smooth, hair-free skin. Nope! Sugar hair removal – with a sugar paste made only of sugar, water and lemon juice – is your sweet solution!

“The Sweetest Skin Co. Grows Location & Adds New Sugarists” in Inside SCV Magazine

Treat your hair and skin sweet this summer with signature services that will make you glow from head to toe. The Sweetest Skin Co. Expands Location, Adds New Sugarists, Now Open 7 Days a Week.

“The Sweetest Skin Co. Wins ‘Ultimate Hair Removal’ Again” in Inside SCV Magazine

Lemon juice. Sugar. Water. End stop. The ingredients list for The Sweetest Skin Co.’s sugaring paste may be short, but it’s always up for a tall order – capable of gently removing even the thickest hair.

“It’s like a Facial, but for your Vagina” in Inside SCV Magazine

The Sweetest Skin Co. has racked up awards like “Best Hair Removal” and “Best Skincare” in Santa Clarita for years – and their newest service combines that expertise into one treatment that is sure to get people talking. The Vajacial is targeted care for your most intimate skin and is often preceded by a brazilian sugar hair removal a few days prior to treatment.

“Small Spends, Big Deals with The Sweetest Skin Co.’s Newest Memberships & Packages” in Inside SCV Magazine

Looking for a fresh way to treat yourself sweet? The award-winning The Sweetest Skin Co. – home of the best sugaring hair removal staff you could find anywhere – now offers incredibly-affordable monthly memberships.

“We Tried It! The Deadline Mask my Teenagers Steal” in Inside SCV Magazine

A few years ago, after a particularly haggering print deadline, I decided I would intentionally incorporate some simple self care into my busiest week of the month so that at the end, I felt – and looked – more refreshed and less stressed.

“Sugaring can Mean more Intimate Fun with your #1” in Inside SCV Magazine

“Is it your first time?” First-time hair removal, especially hair removal from places we deem private, can make men, women and nonbianary a bit anxious. Still, come every Valentine’s Day, newbies flock en masse to Santa Clarita’s sugar hair removal headquarters – The Sweetest Skin Co. – with hopes to “enhance the romance” with a brazilian or manzilian sugar hair removal service.

“Sugar Makes for Sweeter Hair Removal” in Inside SCV Magazine

Who knew that a paste crafted with sugar, lemon juice and water could make for the world’s most gentle, effective hair removal? Ancient Egyptians, actually – they innovated the methods and the mix in 1900BC.
Today, you can experience the all-natural process yourself locally at The Sweetest Skin Co. in Old Town Newhall, where owner and nationally-recognized sugaring educator Angela Lark and her team of sugarists practice the art of sugar hair removal.

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