Answering Your Questions About Sugaring

Created in Persia around 1900 BC, sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal that uses an all-natural paste made of only three skin-nourishing ingredients: water, lemon juice and sugar. At The Sweetest Skin Co., this paste is applied to the skin using an elevated technique mastered by our own nationally-recognized sugaring educator, TSSC owner Angela Lark. With a much-practiced flick of the wrist, our paste gently lifts hair and dead skin cells. We’re Santa Clarita’s best hair removal and sugar hair removal studio because our clients – the Sweeties – love their sweet results.
It’s safe to use from head to toe! Men, women and teens love our sugar hair removal in Santa Clarita because it’s so gentle and effective on all types of hair and skin. Our highly-experienced estheticians use our sugar paste to remove hair from underarms, to sculpt eyebrows, to “clean up” toes, remove hair from chests and backs and much more. Sugar is a popular hair removal treatment for upper lips and chins – but also testicles, groins, vulvas and buttholes. Our Manzilions and Brazilians are some of our most popular hair removal treatments in Santa Clarita.
While some areas are more sensitive, most clients report that their sugar hair removal in Santa Clarita isn’t uncomfortable or painful. If you’re concerned, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever an hour before your service or purchase our numbing cream. Sugaring is less painful than waxing because, unlike wax, sugar won’t adhere to your live skin cells – it will only lift and remove dead skin and hair.
Depending on your hair growth rate, results can last up to six weeks – and because sugaring only requires hair growth of about the size of a grain of rice, you can schedule your next appointment only a handful of days after hair returns. The best part – the more you sugar, the slower and more refined your hair grows back – because our estheticians are skilled at using our paste to remove hair at the root.
We have clients of every gender and ethnicity who didn’t think our sugar paste was up for the job of their hair – but they were pleasantly surprised! In the hands of our extraordinarily-trained sugarists – who are licensed estheticians – every hair type can be sweetly treated in our Santa Clarita sugaring boutique.
At The Sweetest Skin Co. in Santa Clarita, all products used during your sugaring service are 100 percent biodegradable, right down to our gloves and even trash liners. Waxing requires strips, sticks and, often enough, chemicals that are unkind to the skin and environment. Be sweet to Mother Earth and sugar!
At The Sweetest Skin Co., we have meaningful experience serving the unique needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. While many of the physical changes that come with hormone therapies are welcome, some – like new breakouts and hair growth/texture issues – can be frustrating. Please know that there are services and people that can help make this season of your life even sweeter. At the beginning of your appointment, we invite you to disclose any information you feel is relevant so we can best customize your experience and provide you the results you deserve in a safe space where you’re treated to genuine sweetness and joy!
If you’re unable to make your appointment, we get it! Life can get wild! Please cancel your appointment by phone or via our Vagaro booking service 24 hours or more prior to your scheduled service. Because we are a small business and our staff is scheduled based on booked appointments, we will have to charge your card on file when you miss your scheduled appointment in order to appropriately and fairly compensate our team.

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